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150ML White Shoe Cleaner

150ML White Shoe Cleaner

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Feature 1: Shoe Cleaning Cream

Feature 2: Shoe Whitener Cleaner

Feature 3: White Shoes Cleaner

Feature 4: Shoes Foam Cleaner

Feature 5: White Shoes Foam Spray

Feature 6: for cleaning white shoes

Feature 7: foam shoe cleaner

Feature 8: White Shoes Cleaning Tool

Feature 9: cleaning foam spray

Feature 10: Shoes Whitening Cleansing Gel

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Model Number: NF140

Style: Foam

Material: Plastic

Usage: Household Cleaning

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Foam Cleaner For White Shoes Whiten Cleaning Stain Dirt Remove Yellow Spray Foam Cleaner Decontamination White Shoes Cleaning


Before purchasing, please pay attention to which type of shoes you are, as our product has been upgraded to have different effects for different shoes.

1.Set 1 is suitable for white shoes.

2.Set 2 is suitable for tennis shoes and sports shoes.

3.Set 3 is suitable for leather shoes, leather shoes, and can also be used for leather furniture at home.

4.Set 4 is suitable for suede, deer leather shoes, etc.


1. Safety Assurance: Shoes Cleaning Agent is designed with a gentle formula, not easy to damage shoe materials and surfaces, able to essentially restore shoes' original color.

2. Easy to Use: Just apply to the surface. Equipped with a squeezable nozzle, it is easy to operate and spreads evenly without stainin

3. Widely Use: Shoe Cleaner can be used to remove yellow from a variety of white shoes, such as shell-toe shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes, air force shoes and so on.

4. Prevent Yellowing: The Shoe Cleaner Foam will remove stains and also condition the materials to make them last longer. Regular use will keep the leather from cracking and the soles from turning yellow.

5. Remove Dirts: Safely Remove Dirt, Soil & Residue To Soften, Strengthen & Moisturize Neglected Leather.Does not hurt the edges of shoes, can clean sports shoes, leather shoes on the scratches scratches.


Type: White Shoes Stain Polish Cleaner


Shelf Life: 3 years

Storage Method: Store in a cool dry place

Package Includes: 1* White Shoes Cleaner

How to use:

1 . Clean the yellowed part of the shoe ,and stick adhesive tape on the edge of the yellowed position

2 . Apply this product to the yellowed part of the shoe

3 . Scrub the stain with clean water and dry

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